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Roseville Area Community Foundation

The Roseville Area Community Foundation was established by an agreement between the city of Roseville, Minnesota and the North Suburban Community Foundation, a Minnesota non-profit corporation, in 1991. The Roseville Area Community Foundation distributes a portion of profits from lawful gambling on behalf of the City Council.


The Foundation welcomes requests from Independent School District #623 staff as well as a variety of local direct-service community organizations, like those that provide youth programs, counseling, food, and enrichment activities such as participatory arts programs or gatherings. The Foundation funds events, programs, and projects for people living in the city of Roseville or the geographic boundaries of ISD #623 and will support non-profits located in Roseville, MN.

“We are so fortunate to have the support of the Roseville Area Community Foundation. Through their generous investments in Roseville Area Schools’ students, staff, and programs, they are funding positive change within our educational community. The foundation's partnership and commitment ensure a lasting impact, shaping the future of our students and enriching their experiences for years to come."

– Dr. Jenny Loeck, Superintendent, Roseville Area Schools

Roseville Area High School Band Booster Club

Granted $2,500 in 2022 for a 5-octave marimba



February 19, 2024
Grant meeting  March 11, 2024


May 20, 2024
Grant meeting June 10, 2024


August 19, 2024
Grant meeting September 9, 2024


November 18, 2024
Grant Meeting December 9, 2024

"Without support from the Grant Fund, it would be difficult to keep our student costs as low as we do. We remain one of, if not the lowest cost high school programs in our section. I'm sure this has helped keep more kids involved with this activity as they reach their high school years."

- Mike Radovich 

Roseville Boys Lacrosse Booster Club

Granted $2,500 in 2014 for safety equipment

Resuming In-Person Meetings

The RACF board has resumed meeting grantees in person for a brief 10-minute presentation which may be followed by some board member questions to clarify your request. However, this is subject to change if safety concerns related to COVID-19 make this inadvisable. You will be notified prior to the meeting whether it will take place on Zoom or in person.  


If you do not have access to Zoom, please contact us at

to discuss options.

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