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Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly: $2500.00


Roseville FireBears Robotics Team: $2500.00


North Suburban Chorus: $2500.00


Oval Lumination: $2500.00


Kids in Need Program: $2,500.00


NYFS Unity Center: $2,500.00


RAHS Quantum Program: $2500.00


RAHS Living your own English Learner: $465.00


RAHS: Multicultural Festival: $2,500.00


Girls on the Run: $2,500.00


Inspire Young Leaders: $2,000.00  


RAHS English 9 Cohort Class: $1,250.00  


Roseville Area High School Jazz Bands: $2,000.00


Little Canada Elementary Chess Club: $615.42  


Ramsey County Sheriff’s Foundation: $2,500.00    


Rose Fest Parade: $1,000.00


Fishing for Fun: $2,500.00


Roseville Area Senior HS Party: $2,500.00


Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra: $1,500.00


Keystone Food Shelves: $2,500.00  


RAHS- EL Science in Action: $2,350.00  


RAHS-EL Guided Reading: $2,500.00


Roseville Area Middle School Guthrie Trip: $1605.00


RAHS Speech Team Summer Camp: $2,500.00   


Roseville Senior Program: $2000.00

Gibbs Farm: $2000.00

Oval Lumination: $2500.00

Friends of the Ramsey County Libraries Summer Reading Program: $2500.00

Tubman: $2000.00

Roseville School Social workers:  $500.00

Little Canada Elementary PTA Bridges Program: $2,000.00


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