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RAHS Connections Program: $1,000.00

RAS Orchestra Foundation: $2,500.00

North Suburban Chorus: $2,500.00

Community Dental Care: $2,500.00


Adoptee Bridge: $2,500.00

New Day Pregnancy Center: $2,500.00

TSE: $2,500.00

RAHS Firebear Robotics: $2,500.00

Northwest Youth and Family Services: $2,500.00

RAHS Fast Pitch: $2,500.00


RAHS One World Multicultural: $2,500.00

Fairview Alternative High school MAAP Stars: $2,500.00

Chess and Strategy Game Association:  $2,500.00

Roseville Area Schools Gifted and Talented- Youth Authors:  $2,500.00

Roseville Area  Parents Association-Senior Party:  $2,500.00

 Brimhall Elementary PTA- Tech Carts: $2,500.00

 The Sheridan Story:  $2,000.00

Roseville Area Senior Program:  $2,500.00

Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra: $2,500.00

Keystone Food Shelves: $2,500.00

RAHS Basketball: $2,500.00


Suburban Ramsey Family Collaborative (SRFC): $12,000.00

Roseville Area Meals on Wheels/Roseville Area Senior Program: $12,000.00

The Sheridan Story: $12,000.00

Suburban Ramsey Emergency Coalition COVID-19: $2,500.00


Aeon: $2,500.00

Friend of the Ramsey County Library: $2,500.00

Girls of the Run: $2,500.00

Tubman: $2,500.00

Ramsey County Historical Society: $2,500.00

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